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is that this is not rocket science. there are companies such as health insurance that have been selling insurance over the internet for ten years successfully, but the government cannot seem to do it. gerri: here are some war room nos from the day after the launch. ongoing problems in my capacity and the website, director roman not working, viejo system not connecting, experience, one of the ig groups, creating confusion with credit check information. on and on the goes. six enrollments have occurred. the problem seems enormous degrees today at the white house did it white house spokesman could not even explained if that enrollment figure was correct. they're grappling with the "tru unsuccessfully. >> the number probably is not correct. but so what if it is in our 15? it is still a complete failure. the fact is that they have a problem and they don't want to admit it. this is just a front end of the problem. this is the problem that the consumers are facing. what about the insurance companies that are getting that information? it is terrible. gerri: allow the bottleneck, is not to get on to the system
surge. the guy said, i don't know, i haven't heard. well, 24 hours later jeff science says it's qssi that's leading the surge. and they didn't know. is anybody talking to anybody else? >> that was an incredibly embarrassing moment, gerri, there's no question about it. when the head of the company says he doesn't know he's running and the next day they say you're running it. look, could this get any worse? one other point i think i'd like to make here, let's just suspend this thing for a year. it's not ready to go. the american people are scratching their head, no idea what to do. you've got employers, by the way, that are starting to cut the health care saying, oh, you'll go into the exchanges that don't work. so this is not just a laughing matter, this is a real danger to people that they're not going to have health insurance on january 1st. gerri: i agree with you. sebelius, she's going to testify next week on wednesday in front of the same committee we were just describing. we're going to be there, by the way -- >> it's going to be a packed room, i guarantee you. gerri: what do yo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)